"Outdoor Entertaining~Whatever the Weather..."

The Piskey Hut with Glass Roof Panels is wonderful for letting in light and watching the night sky whilst keeping "toasty" and warm


We can provide a range of accessories to enhance your BBQ Hut & can supply plates, shelves, reindeer skins and other products. 

​​9.2 with Glass Roof

6.9m² Faery Hut

6.9m² Faery BBQ Hut. Our smallest BBQ Hut to suit a range of gardens. The Faery Hut is small but perfectly formed.

9.2m² BBQ Hut. which is our most popular BBQ Hut. Great Value and perfect for relaxing or entertaining. 

We fell in love with these traditional Scandinavian BBQ Huts (Grillikotas) on a very memorable holiday to Norway. They are deceptively spacious and warm and create a beautifully ambient space for entertaining and relaxing. 

They can be used all year round as they are warm in winter and cool in summer.
you will never have to cancel another BBQ again!

We have a range of sizes to meet your individual requirements.