9.2m² ~Piskey BBQ Hut ~ £3999

 9.2m² "Piskey" BBQ Hut

The Piskey Hut is a great size hut, for the whole family to enjoy. The Piskey Hut will easily fit into an average sized garden and provides a beautiful space to retreat, relax , entertain and socialize in. The Piskey Hut really does tick all the boxes. Light the fire, and utilize this amazing space, and before long you won’t believe how you managed without it.  

The Piskey Hut easily accommodates up to 15 guests and again with facilities for sleeping in, the Piskey Hut will soon become home from home.  Our huts are manufactured from managed Spruce and each of the six walls are finished in a traditional style, with half rounded boards. Each wall is approximately 45mm thick and all the windows are double glazed. There are three windows, (one of which opens) and there is a hexagonal window in the door. The inside of the cabin has benches fixed to 5 of the walls. All of our huts are untreated so you can choose your own colour or stain.


  • Hexagonal in Shape
  • 9.2m² - Seats 12-15 People
  • BBQ Grill and Cooking Platforms
  • Tables Around the Grill
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Choice of Black, Red or Green Roof Shingles
  • Sleeing Benches

BBQ Hut Specifications

Floor Plans