Floor Plans

 9.2m² Pavilion & BBQ  Grill 

BBQ Hut Specifications

Our 9.2m² Pavilion is an amazing product as it combines the light and space of a more traditional "summer house" but has an internal Grill, much like our BBQ Huts. They are light and airy due to the design of the large pavilion windows and double glazed "French" doors. 

 The pavilion is made of high quality spruce wood, and the walls are made of 45 x 145 mm rounded spruce boards.The roof of the pavilion is covered with bitumen shingles, and there are five double glazed windows, two of which open. The French doors are double-hinged and double glazed. 

The pavilions come with a wood or charcoal-fired grill & adjustable chimney. 

9.2m² ~Pavilion with BBQ Grill ~ £4599

  • Hexagonal in Shape
  • 9.2m² - Seats 12-15 People
  • BBQ Grill and Cooking Platforms
  • Tables Around the Grill
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Choice of Black, Red or Green Roof Shingles