BBQ Hut Specifications

6.9m² ~Faery BBQ Hut ~ £3899

Floor Plans

The "Faery Hut" is the smallest in our BBQ Hut collection and is ideal for smaller gardens or those awkward spaces.
The Faery Hut does still include the central BBQ grill and can comfortably seat up to 10 people.

With a warming central grill for cooking on, the glow from the fire also creates a wonderful atmosphere and provides a beautiful ambient light for relaxing in. It is easy to rustle up a memorable feast in this small but perfectly formed “Hut”.

The Faery Hut is Octagonal in shape with 8 walls. The walls which are 45mm thick are made from managed Spruce. All windows are double glazed and there is a small storage compartment above the door. All of our huts are untreated so you can choose your own colour or stain.

We can provide an experienced team to construct your hut if required .

 6.9m² "Faery" BBQ Hut

  • Octagonall in Shape
  • 6.9m² - Seats 7-10 People
  • BBQ Grill and Cooking Platforms
  • Tables Around the Grill
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Choice of Black, Red or Green Roof Shingles